Monday, May 23, 2016

Relapsing Remitting Ms

Relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) - Clear relapse and remission periods are the most characteristic for this type of multiple sclerosis. This means that a patient experiences attacks (also called flare-ups, relapses or exacerbations) for a shorter period of time, after which the health stabilizes and a person feels good again.
At this stage of the ms disease it might not look like the condition is overall progressing or worsening. The relapse-remission cycle may repeat many times, usually about twice a year. 

Relapsing Rremitting ms symptoms

Early-initiated long-term therapy is safe and improves outcomes. Relapsing remitting ms symptoms can be improved by Natalizumab reduces the relapse rate more than first-line agents; however, due to issues of adverse effects is a second-line agent reserved for those who do not respond to other treatments or with severe ms disease. Mitoxantrone, whose use is limited by severe adverse effects, is a third-line option for those who do not respond to other medications. Treatment of clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) with interferons decreases the chance of progressing to clinical MS

Approximately 85% of patients are initially diagnosed with this type of MS.

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