Sunday, June 12, 2016

Swiss Medica expecting new patient from United Kingdom

Few days ago post about supporting patient with Ms are published in Ross Shire Journal. Funds needed for stem cell treatment are gathering and prognosis goes in right way.
Swiss Medica clinic supporting this action and donation, and also wants to thank everyone who participated in this action.
As Ms patient daughter says she is very grateful and we convey her words: "We have reached our fundraising target thanks to the amazing generosity of our friends and family, and lots of folk we don't know - from far away as Germany, Norway, Finland and Canada.

Ms Treatment Europe improving Stem Cell treatments

Using new technologies we constantly improving our approach to every aspect of  Ms Treatment with stem cells.
Trying to provide best possible treatments all Swiss Medica's doctors and stem cells specialists participate in various seminars and internships that have results for improving knowledge and better access and preparing each treatment with stem cells.

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